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Tron Kirk

Freyja leaned over the map. She had retrieved a marker pen, string and measure from a drawer in the table. Carefully she measured out from Tron Kirk, then attached the pen to the string and drew a circle that encompassed most of the map. “Radspakr, you said one mile radius from the Tron. So the arena for the Raids lies within this circle.”


Asmund came around the table to stand next to her. “Look to the North. Swimming tests. The only water in the northern half of the circle is a small stretch of the Leith at Dean and Stockbridge."


“We don’t need bloody riddles,” Bjarke grumbled.

Almost equidistant between the Castle and the Palace, Tron Kirk sits at the very heart of Edinburgh's Old Town. For 400 years, its spire has risen above the rooftops and it has always been an important gathering point for worship, trade and punishment. 

Although reduced in size when the North and South Bridges were constructed, it has nevertheless survived fire, rot, riots and demolition proposals. Beneath its floor can be found Marlin's Wynd, the earliest paved street in Scotland.

The Tron is also the beating heart of the Pantheon's Seasons, when the fields of play are assiduously measured in half-mile and one-mile radii from its doors. 

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