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Old College

She looked left and right. Titan Companions lined Old College roof and others were already progressing along the north and south wings above the quadrangle. She spied Menes and he strode towards her


“Show me to the ropes.”


As she spoke they watched transfixed as a Companion fell from the northern rooftop, his hands together in front of him as though praying, but both knew he clung to an arrow shaft. He hit the terrace with a thud.


“Bastards must be under the arches,” Menes said and he was already swinging his arms to bring the Titan archers into place to return fire.

Old College is one of the University of Edinburgh's most important buildings. It sits on the historic site of Kirk O'Fields, where Lord Darnley - the second husband of Mary Queen of Scots - was supposedly murdered.

The University was established on the site shortly afterwards, but it took another two hundred years before the current building was constructed. Designed around a central quadrangle, it houses a lavish library and is now a regular venue for graduation celebrations and festival events. 

If you visit, look out for the lion drinking fountain. There are nights during the Pantheon Raiding Season when too much blood is spilt to reach this spot.

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