Live By The Rules ~ Die By The Rules


Seven teams. Five cities. Two Seasons.


It’s time to play.


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May 2021

A thin rain stole from the Forth, sullying the city, smearing its bright lights.


It was the fourth week of the Blood Season and Timanthes, Colonel of Companion Light Infantry in Edinburgh’s Titan Palatinate – one of seven rival forces in the great game known as The Pantheon - waited on a terrace three storeys above Lawnmarket, his back straight against the wind and water seeping through his hair. Squinting across the rooftops to the clock on the Balmoral hotel, he cursed softly. A little before two in the morning and an inauspicious night for destinies to be forged.


September 2021

The plane came to a halt, the door was opened and the steps extended. Punnr retrieved his bag and walked out into a night utterly different from the one they had left. A strong wind was blowing and the air that greeted them was sharp, clear, electrifying and deeply scented with the smells of the coast.


They descended and trod onto soft, damp, sinking ground.

“It’s a bloody beach,” exclaimed Knut. “We landed on sand!”

Ake knelt, pulled out her phone and switched on its light as she took a handful in her palm. “Not sand. Billions of tiny, granular pieces of white cockleshell, pulverised over millennia by the ocean.” She looked at Punnr. “I know where we are.”

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