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Advocate's Close

The Titans swept across the empty junction at George IV Bridge, skirted around St Giles and crossed the street to Advocate's Close. Timanthes halted them with a hand, then peered down the steps. The Close was dimly lit, winding north and downhill. He squinted and studied the shadows, but nothing moved. With another hand gesture, they bounded down the steps. Two doors on their right were locked, but it was the third he was seeking.


He glanced at his Captain and they drew their swords. There was a soft hum as thirty more blades emerged from oiled scabbards.

Named after Sir James Stewart, the last Advocate of Scotland from 1692-1713, Advocate's Close is one of the oldest Closes in Edinburgh. Sitting opposite St Giles Cathedral, it is steep and narrow as it plunges down to Cockburn Street. 

For several centuries this Close was a highly fashionable address, but when the city's gentry moved to the New Town, it was broken into separate tenements for the lower classes and gradually fell into disrepair.

The Pantheon saga begins in Advocate's Close as Timanthes and his Titan elite are lured into a trap which will change the balance of power. 

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